Sunday, February 21, 2010


cow color

Wow, how is it that I haven't put the meat animal postcards up on my etsy shop? They've been sitting in my "paper goods" shop-shelf, but they haven't been mooing, bleating, oinking or clucking loud enough for me I guess. There were some that went to a shop in Singapore, there are some at Reading Frenzy here in town, but now you can get them directly from my etsy store.

sketchy greens

I have some really ambitious projects I want to get going, but lately instead of coming home and sitting at my desk for several hours, I come home and go right to bed. My body needs to catch up with my mind. And my mind certainly has the unfair advantage of being untouched from surgery and not being rigorously tested during work. (Housecleaning is very zen for me, but it's also pretty active -- a great workout at the best of times, a little tricky for knee recovery at the worst.) To ease back into the world of images I've been playing with my inks again.

sketchy flower comp

I did about 15 but I'm really happy with how three of them turned out, and while I was backstage at etsy I went ahead and threw them up too. Why not. In the meantime I'm probably going to frame them and put them up in the kitchen.

sketchy space

I hope you're doing okay if you live in the snowy part of the Union. We in the Pacific northwest have been enjoying blissful sunny weather. Everyone in Portland has spring fever. I'm hoping to get out to my garden plot before the rain comes back.