Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This essentially sums up my valentine's day, although I hope by the time the 14th rolls around I will be all recovered from all this.


This bright little ditty is proud to be participating in Reading Frenzy's Valentine Invitaional. You should try and make it down there tomorrow and keep it company, since I will be too busy getting ready for my arthroscopy medial meniscectomy on Friday. (This will not be news to you if you follow me on twitter.) That title makes it sound very big and complicated, which is why I keep throwing that impressive string of letters around, but actually the procedure is fairly minor. It's outpatient, I will be able to (in theory, we hope, keep your fingers crossed, etc.) put my full weight on it immeadiatly after the surgery, and could be back to work by the end of next week which would be VERY good. And apparently it's not all that uncommon to blow your knee gasket, both the nurse-practitioner and the specialist gave me the exact same diagnosis with the same movements on the same model knee. Meniscous tears, knee locks, we go in and get it. The end. The doctor breezed through options and scenarios very quickly, seeming very calm, almost to the point of ever so slight fatigue. My case is easy. It bores my doctor. I am so very releived by this.

Knee surgeries are NOT so humdrum for me, so I am frantically getting my art stuff ready for bed rest and trying to coordinate a mother and an Anthony's arrival to help me be operated on. And reminding myself that it isn't a big deal.