Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of fish and knees


After what was described to me as "a brief set back," -- the sharp pains on Saturday had me hobbling off my leg just as I had been doing back in January -- I am somewhat back to normal. Normal for recovery-time. I am trying to get back on the Sesame Street, back on the simple happies rhythm of life. Trying to remember what rhythm works best for all this waiting and hope.

aquariums are nice

Today I am going to see a third doctor about this knee stuff. I am hoping there is a fish tank in his office. None of the doctors I've been to yet have fish tanks in their offices. My childhood doctor did for a while, and I loved it. It's so nice to lose yourself in the world of fish.

making an aquarium

I have a big blank space over my desk and I think I'm going to make an aquarium above it. Somehow. First I need to get some fish. Then I'll need to make a place to put them.