Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting out of the house at long last

lamb color

If you are in Portland and find yourself downtown in the next couple of weeks, you should head over to the Tribute Gallery, for it is there that you will be able to see, live and in the flesh canvas Meat Lamb and Meat Chicken! It's a very brief show -- the opening was last Thursday and the show closes on the 17th.

chicken color

If this little tease is just too much for you, and you can't afford to take them home for your very own (which you can do! They are housebroken and make a kitchen feel terrific, I can tell you,) remember you can purchase them in postcard form at Reading Frenzy here in town, or straight from my etsy website.

Tribute Gallery
328 NW Broadway

Reading Frenzy
921 SW Oak Street

Tribute Gallery, tracing territories