Friday, April 16, 2010

Helpful hints are always welcome

Last night on the free table in the laundry room I found two gems. A red button up shirt that might actually fit me, anda big Reader's Digest book. This book is completely wonderful and nicely fits in several categories for me:

a. Urawaza!,

b. Checklists (i.e., how to do things. That is probably my absolute favorite form of writing on earth), and,

c. Self-improvement. I really cannot get enough of gentle, encouraging bodily self-improvement books right now, probably because I am in the home stretch of healing from Knee Time. I am the last person on earth who needs to be told to eat well, exercise and sit quietly sometimes, but I do so love hearing it.

Here are some of my favorite things I learned by jumping around in the "useful encyclopedia" last night:

1. Among the solutions to Cabin Fever: host a cookie exchange, invite a foreign exchange student over for dinner.

2. "Illness can be a lonely time. A short note can express your concern and cheer up someone who is convalescing."

3. A checklist for both a regular wedding spanning over six months, and a wedding-in-a-week checklist on the same page.

4. A how long will you live quiz. According to them, I will live until I'm 97 as of now. (Pretty good!)

5. Claim a quiet moment before work by stopping the car by a nice park and drink coffee quietly.