Monday, September 13, 2010

it makes me sad

dear Portland Freegans

There's been a rash of breaking-and-entering over at the community garden. I have not been personally affected*, but other people's plots have been devastated. Grown plants uprooted, delicate seedlings trodden. Crops stolen. Someone near me lost ALL of their melons, about 30 lbs (!), someone on the other side lost all their chard. I learned that yesterday, and that scared me becuase my chard is about all I have left in there right now. We've been (miraculously) living off of it since spring, and it would be a MAJOR blow to lose it.

It takes the romantic golden light right off my idea of creative use of urban space, and sends me back to the reality of living in a city. I get a dull ache in my gut when I think about it, and so every time I think of drawing up a proper guilt-sign for the gates I get too depressed about it and don't. This garden has been such a positive thing for me in every other respect, and it makes this business that much harder to think about.

*I may have lost my only zucchini to the thieves (though it was only about three inches long -- I actually suspect a squirrel took it).