Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little things I've done lately that have helped a lot

getting our ducks in a row

1. Reorganized the refridgerator following these guidelines (roughly). I'm planning on doing the cupboard in similar mindset.

2. Reorganizing the Thing I Put Paperwork In over the filing cabinet. The filing cabinet needs work itself, but it's nice to have a home for the important things like contracts and ideas-in-production.

3. Placed my favorite chair over by the door so I'd have a place to sit and put on and take off shoes (adding a pause in the routine, making it feel less hectic).

3a. To do this I also had to move the basket I throw things like dirty rags and old socks into (i.e., stuff that is Really Dirty) to a new place -- arm's length from the chair. This meant I was thinking about that basket, which has meant the last week or so I haven't left my dead rags in the car (adding to the musty smell that is always there) but instead bring them in and throw them in this basket like I'm supposed to. Excellent!

3b. While I was at it I cleared a spot on a shelf specifically for Clothes To Wear The Next Day (I made a label and everything). I tend to be awake a good three hours before I have to be anywhere so it's not as though the mornings have been slipping away from me, per se, but mornings are a creatively productive time for me, and I tend to be painting or drawing dreamily instead of Getting Ready For The Day. As a result the departure sequence is often a brief yet intense period of frustration as I try and assemble myself, and my objects, and reset my brain all at the same time. So these small steps have made all the difference.

3c. It may as well be noted that the fridge reorganization has helped, because all my meal leftovers (especially soup these days) are all there in jars, ready to be warmed up for the food-thermos.

4. Consciously trying to eat slower and focus. Lighting a candle, clearing off the table, turning off the radio. Partly to make smaller meals have some more weight (You say "poverty" I say "excuse for creativity", you say "not much to eat" I say "put it together in a bread pudding", tomato tomahto let's call the whole thing off). But also to keep the top of my head from coming off at the end of the day.

Things have been very busy around here, (as I'm sure you've noticed,) and it's nice to have a little island of peace and slowness in the midst of the tilt-o-whirl of activity. I think it helps. And thinking it helps, helps. Thus begins the helpful calmer cycle.