Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sketchbook Project Sketchbook Preview

SPS preview: singers

I wasn't going to share anything from my Sketchbook Project Sketchbook until the thing was sent off, but at this point I keep running into these 10-15 minute waits as I run out of dry surface to paint on. So while I wait this time, here's a little sneak preview.

SPS preview: fish

It's been kind of insane these last couple days trying to get it all together. Tonight it's high school all over again as I race to the finish. Nothing but ska, diet Dr. Pepper and painting, painting, painting. With these occasional pauses to let things dry enough to keep going.

SPS preview: paint the walls

And before you ask:

Yes, I know that I've had this thing since September. I was approaching it in a certain way, and honestly that way was kind of boring to me and I kind of started avoiding it. Then Christmas came, then I got really ill, then I realized a way it could be a thosand times better, and I started doing it that way. Out with the sharpie and ink-pen only, in with the paint. I had about two weeks to go.

SPS preview: hats

But I like it much better now, it's really worth staying up all night for. Which is just as well because I will be doing just that.

SPS preview: sandcastles