Friday, February 4, 2011

Geographic thoughts


Things have been jittery lately. I'm still awfully distracted by Eygpt. And other things keep me busy. I didn't even finish Nicolas Carr's book before I had to return it at the library -- not strictly for lack of focus but for lack of scheduled reading time. But it was nonetheless unnerving. Then I heard about that video of Quebecois children examining the quaint "les technologies du passé."

I was talking to a friend about a list of predictions of endangered technologies. Watches were on the list, as were real paper maps.


I think there's circles where this must already be true. But I also think of the African mariners on lake Awassa in one of Micheal Palin's travel documentaries, from less than twenty years ago, boating on a lake that had not been surveyed.

Map of conflict areas

I drew a map last night of the area in the news. I was having trouble understanding why Isreal and Jordon were contenders in this conflict until I looked at a map. And then I felt foolish. I put this map on my fridge so as I listen to news I can look to the map and contextualize everything. With apologies to Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. My focus was elsewhere.