Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the magic hour

junk sleep

I actually put a LOT of effort into having a dénouement to my days, just as I like to have a brief period of sitting with my coffee staring out the window or sitting outside before plugging in the computer and starting the working day.

Because when I don't dénouement, this happens to me.

I read an article about feng shui when I was in high school and it talked about how there must be no electronics anywhere in the sleeping space, because the energy electronics give off is adverse to the calmness of sleep. At the time it was a neat idea, quaint-seeming, and I liked the suggestions of putting a cloth over a television or telephone would suffice in blocking the bad chi. I have recurrent insomnia, and have ever since I can remember, so any little suggestion in the area of sleep improvement is something I really latch onto.

Here and now it's much easier to understand where this sentiment comes from; many of our devices connect to other people in other places, where life is fast and unmitigated. Nobody I know is on my "early to wake early to rise" rhythm, so I have to leave a lot of activity undone in the great USS Internets. And often this means putting all of my blipping and blinking robots into the kitchen -- far out of sight -- while I also turn the lights dim, switch to the "sleeps" playlist (or listen to nothing) and read for a little while in the reading chair. Because my own brain can generate all these distracting fragments all on it's own without the help of the robots, who obediently and earnestly only continue to do what it is we built them to do.