Friday, February 18, 2011


One of my favorite things about this project is that I'm meant to just follow the little garden paths of my mind as I brainstorm for these pictures. Sometimes I am stumped and ask the author to talk more about something, but I haven't really yet asked her to clarify anything specific. I like existing with a puzzle and seeing what comes of that.

It's good to have incomplete knowledge of something. It means you have to connect the mysteries yourself. I think the most imaginative things live in those spaces between the mysteries.

Another great thing about this project is I get to follow little garden paths online as well. Which is how the other day I learned about the Journal of Mundane Behavior, horseboating, and llama trekking.

My mother may know of a place in Colorado that one can go llama trekking. And oh, I hope she finds out more. I would go llama trekking in a heartbeat.