Thursday, March 24, 2011

Before my sketchbook project sketchbook went to SXSW, it lived in the Brooklyn Art Library for a few weeks.

Based on the photo on the Art Library's website I figured a similar set-up would be in place on the tour. Quiet shelves filled with a myriad of books from a myriad of people from a myriad of countries. And a long table with identical chairs on either side of it, where one could casually pick up a book and flip through it and look for another. I imagined browsing.

As it turns out the operations is a lot more controlled than that. Think restaurant rather than buffet. And it's probably better that way, as I believe there are well over 23,000 books in the project. You arrive, make a library card, and request a specific notebook and then get to spend some real quality time with it.

The only snag of course is that I have to work harder to get people to go see it at all when it's out in the world.

The next stop is: March 30-April 2, 2011

Portland, ME
SPACE Gallery
538 Congress Street

Portland, ME 04101

My sketchbook isn't particularly exhilarating because there's a LOT of unfinished pages in it. But it's mine, which may be reason enough for some people. It also has some prototypes of pictures I have painted for the cyborg book, which might be interesting. (The grocery store line in particular is a key sequence in the sketchbook.)

Also, if you go and see it in Portland I will know that you did because I will get a little email about it, and if you also send me a note telling me your address I will send you a postcard thanking you. And that would be neat. Portland to Portland, with love.