Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick knitting update: the cat's out of the bag

Yarn problems

This isn't exactly how I found the cat yesterday afternoon, but it was something pretty close.

My cat spent the first two years of his life mousing on a farm and running around with the farm dogs. But he was raised by humans, as his mother was killed by a car before his litter was weened. I think it's largely because of this he's been able to adjust so well to his new life with me.

Now he lives with me in a studio apartment, resolutely indoors. That's a big change, and he has actually adjusted extremely well. He does have a lot of energy though, and so he needs projects. Chasing things is okay, but really what he wants is to tear something apart. To kill things. Thus the torn up cardboard boxes and tiny bits of paper you'll find all over the floor if you come to my apartment. Thus the egg cartons I keep in a big drawer in the kitchen. Thus the paper receipts crumpled into little balls in my pockets.

His aggression is purely towards tiny things. His remains terrified of the Giant Stuffed Sheep, who sits nicely atop the basket filled with yarn. He also bares no aggression towards humans. We had a traumatizing visit to the vet's office back in December, and though he was more afraid than I've EVER seen him, he never once so much as raised a paw to the strangers holding him and doing things to him.