Wednesday, August 24, 2011

crayon warm-up

This was my morning crayon warm-up from the other morning, and I like it so much that I've been having trouble taking it off the board. In fact I keep moving it back on after I mess around with some other piece of paper. I don't know yet if it's destined for another big painting -- I think for now it can go into the big picture frame on the wall above my desk. I want it to be in a place that I can gaze at from the couch or the reading chair.

What I can't gaze at are those great big paintings I just finished, becuase they are currently down at the Collective Agency, waiting for the first Thursday show. On the off chance you will be in Portland next week and want to see them in real life, now's your chance.

(Well. Next Thursday is your chance. You know what I mean.)

In addition to the big things, you would also be able to see four illustrations from a (SOMEWHAT) SUPER SECRET PROJECT that I will tell you about just as soon as I can really believe it is all happening.

Yes indeed.

Stop by, won't you?