Saturday, October 8, 2011


For some reason my future-phone's camera is only taking pictures in a pinkish sepia, not the colors that usually cause me to whip out my camera in the first place.


But of course it also means that in reflecting on the images later I appreciate the light that much more.


This spunky guy lives at a client's house. I have had many fish in the past and I find them to be (fairly or unfairly) somewhat lethargic creatures. Yet this guy swims right up to me as I begin to dust the mantlepiece and opens his fishy little mouth.


Again and again. And he swims all around, follows me as I move, and apparently watches as I vacuum the floor below his lofty perch. He has a such wonderful energy that he makes me want a fishy friend of my very own.


And I suppose through the magic of drawing-on-the-easel, I do have a fish of my very own, in a way.