Saturday, December 24, 2011

cutting a christmas tree

tuba christmas!

Lights parade



Scenes from our recent between-the-holidays visit to Colorado to see friends and family.

Things I considered painting but have not yet:

- The Southwest Airlines gate's decorations at PDX International, because it sort of typified the difference between the "high-end" airlines like Delta (very refined, subtle decorations like a single red bobble above every check-in station,) and the "low-end" airlines like ours (tons of paper-chains, construction paper stars and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling on strings, snowmen and reindeer taped to the back wall, and so forth, the whole area positively bursting with life.)

- The lights parade in downtown Colorado Springs, which we caught by serendipity while eating a slice of pizza at Poor Richard's (a bookstore / coffee shop / toy store / pizza place.) (Yes.) We even got to sit right up by the window. Front row! on one of the coldest nights that week!

- Everyone eating chili after the tree-getting, with the great heaps of winter clothing strewn about.

- My adventure on lightrail over to downtown Denver. The familiarity but the strangeness. The last remnants of what must be Occupy Denver, the steaming street-vents, the walls and rooftops just where I left them.

- Walking around Littleton's historic downtown. The spiral-lights up the trees, the snow, the shop fronts so earnest and hopeful.