Saturday, December 24, 2011

cutting a christmas tree

tuba christmas!

Lights parade



Scenes from our recent between-the-holidays visit to Colorado to see friends and family.

Things I considered painting but have not yet:

- The Southwest Airlines gate's decorations at PDX International, because it sort of typified the difference between the "high-end" airlines like Delta (very refined, subtle decorations like a single red bobble above every check-in station,) and the "low-end" airlines like ours (tons of paper-chains, construction paper stars and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling on strings, snowmen and reindeer taped to the back wall, and so forth, the whole area positively bursting with life.)

- The lights parade in downtown Colorado Springs, which we caught by serendipity while eating a slice of pizza at Poor Richard's (a bookstore / coffee shop / toy store / pizza place.) (Yes.) We even got to sit right up by the window. Front row! on one of the coldest nights that week!

- Everyone eating chili after the tree-getting, with the great heaps of winter clothing strewn about.

- My adventure on lightrail over to downtown Denver. The familiarity but the strangeness. The last remnants of what must be Occupy Denver, the steaming street-vents, the walls and rooftops just where I left them.

- Walking around Littleton's historic downtown. The spiral-lights up the trees, the snow, the shop fronts so earnest and hopeful.


anika said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit! The scenes you did decide to illustrate are really wonderful. They really capture the holiday spirit. :)

anika said...

I just realized I used wonderful twice in 2 sentences. but it's a wonderful time of year! So there!

Maggie said...

Oh thank you Anika! It was indeed two wonderfuls, this visit of ours. Without trying we had all sorts of magical Christmasy things happen to us.

I hope you guys have a happy holidays!