Monday, April 2, 2012

face studies

Trying to hone in on this one character. Once I nail him down the others should (I hope) come easier. Most of the other characters have real-life people driving their look but I could never find a satisfactory reference for this guy, and because of that his face is a little amorphous to me. I know generally what his key features look like, but I don't see clearly how his entire face should look, and that makes coming to terms with him a little challenging.

A good challenge though. I've been putting off building concrete techniques for approaching faces in my work which seems insane given most of my pictures are fairly character-driven. It's long overdue, these face studies.

A weird side effect of all this face work I've been doing is that lately I have this socially-unfortunate inclination to get really into your face if I'm talking with you right now. Everyone's got such a different structure and it's beautiful to behold. My fascination is genuine and pure, if a little unsettling.