Thursday, November 8, 2012

I recently had a family reunion of sorts in New Orleans. I had a great time.

painting in courtyard

I found that I focused more on the family and less on the incredible sights around me. It's evidenced by my lack of good sketches and my handful of phone-camera-pictures.

Cafe Du Monde

creole queen


neat river ruins

I think neither of the people I was traveling with are used to traveling with an artist, and I was careful not to exasperate people by sitting and painting much. I wasn't paying for a lot of this trip; it wasn't my trip. My trip would have been double the time and half the destinations, which is something I find myself saying after every outing over the past few years. Next time I want leave behind the extra pair of shoes and instead to take more time.

text for placard

It was hit the ground running when I got home last week, but it was crunched between a lot of other things. We're headed out again this weekend to redeem a wedding gift: a two night stay in a cabin in central Oregon. It was an incredibly generous gift and we're really looking forward to it. It's coming at a very good time -- life became very turbulent suddenly this week (mostly for boring financial reasons), so it will be nice to escape. There have honestly been moments when someone, collapsed in a heap and sobbing, said sniffily at least we can get away this weekend.