Friday, July 5, 2013

Through fire and flames

painting early summer 2013

I don't know why, but it seems for the past few years my workload has been particularly heavy just before the Oregon Country Fair -- a time that is supposed to be a calm oasis, not a pit stop in a race.

This year I even took steps to address this pre-Fair rush -- the original plan for the past few months was to weigh the big stuff closer to the end of Spring -- but stuff happens. Unexpected ventures pursued, ideas dry up, better ideas replace them, crisis arrises with existing projects, emergencies are fixed to the detriment of the overall schedule.


So it is that our summeriest days we've seen yet find me inside, at the easel. Gulping tea, making more tea, making coffee, gulping coffee, washing paint off my hands. Nervously counting down the hours before I have to drop everything and start getting ready for 'Fair. Listening to a LOT of books.

Things are moving. Slowly, but moving. My hope is that I feel like this by Monday.