Sunday, September 15, 2013


I've been feeing weirdly homesick this summer. As autumn slowly unfolds I find myself thinking not about the glorious mists and apple picking of Oregon (though I really should be), but instead thinking about scrub oak and golden aspen leaves. Of snicker-doodles made by my Mom after school, of ice on brown cottonwood leaves. Of creeping around in the hills when I was younger, fancying myself a real wild woman.


It's a strange place to be, as Colorado is on everyone's mind right now, because of the flooding and devastation going on.

I've spoken before about natural disasters that strike your homeland. This was a little less of a slowly-building dread kind of scenario that the fire was. This has been swift and violent. I merely touched base with my vital people to make sure they were safe, and then backed off completely and let the stories surge in.


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

This time of year is the best in Oregon but I have heard some amazing things about Colorado. I think fall is one of those seasons that make you think of home because it's starting to get into the holidays and all of those old traditions.

I really love the water color- its so pretty :)

Maggie said...

Could be! The aspens in Colorado are really top notch, and the bright, cold days are something somewhat rare here in bridgetown.

However, autumn only lasts about a week or two in Colorado, whereas here it lasts and lasts for what seems like months, and I do really love that. Fall is my favorite season.