Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New blog

It was only a matter of time before I would find a website-o-matic that offered both a store front AND a blog platform that actually made sense to use.

I have done that, so I'm sorry to say that I am leaving blogspot behind and will pick up right where this leaves off here: http://www.simplykumquat.com/blog/.

One major change is I don't have comments set up there, but you'll be able to find my email address and I hope you will because I love hearing from people for better or worse. I also have a few entries up already -- talking about the mushroom classes we took through the Oregon Mycological Society. (I wouldn't point you to a blank blog, you know that.)

And please: forgive the kind of rigid tone of those entries, I was kind of overwhelmed with the slickness of the new website. Here in a moment I'll be writing about the fact that we are packing up and moving to a new place mid-summer, at the SAME TIME AS ICON:8 (obviously, not the original plan,) so that amount of panic should bring the tone down nicely.

Anyway, it's been real. Come along with me and let's continue the magic.