Monday, March 14, 2011


I drew this shortly after hearing about the devastation in Japan on the radio, and being so incredibly touched by Naoto Kan's (albeit translated) words: "We ask the people of Japan to exercise the spirit of fraternity and act fast and to assist one's family and neighbors."

Keep calm, carry on, and help your brothers and sisters. It was a strong ray of courage in the face of so much bad, and I clung to it as a drowning man might.

It was also drawn so I could keep the facts straight. My mother is on jury duty and therefore under oath to avoid and and all news sources, so she had no idea this was happening.

Of course at this point there are additional details that are missing. Like the leaking and explosion at the nuclear sights, and the dead bodies washing up on shore. These are details I haven't had the courage to tell her yet, though she must be told soon that deaths have already been estimated around ten thousand.

Ten thousand.

I still haven't even seen any real footage of the event to be honest.

I'll get there.

I'm working up to it.

Otherwise, I'm speechless.

Except when I get home and assemble what I've heard on the radio, and report to my Mom.