Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have lots of things to tell you about the little weekend trip we took a few weeks ago. There are so many neat things I saw, felt, thought about. Alas, time is getting on, and though my memories are not fading, they are getting pushed behind the deadline, the other things I want to think about.

the road goes ever on

It just kills me that I can’t paint this stuff right now. I have colors picked out in my mind, I have things that we saw and felt that no one took pictures of. I have nice reference photos of boats. I have all these things screaming to break through, but instead, for now, I have to stay in the world of robots and brains.

And that's fine, it's good in a much different way.


And in the meantime I can show you these. I can say that we learned a LOT about lighthouses. We saw fat cats and seagulls and thought about the rain.


And lights that break through the rain.