Friday, May 20, 2011

sad patella

There is a friend-of-a-friend going through knee stuff -- stuff that makes my little procedure last year look tiny and insignificant. My friend is receptive so he gets lengthy reports, some of which get forwarded to me as I deeply empathize with a sad patella in a way that my friend probably does not. For a while I was drafting a book about what it means to be put back together, and how difficult getting back together truly is. Other projects have popped up and I'm very, very, grateful. But I gobble up these physical therapy reports because it's all good stuff, and I may yet come back to my knee book one day. It's in that stewing-place at the back-burner of my mind.


I recently had a very rare thing happen: a book sent to me by a used-book person got lost in the mail. Amazon’s file-a-claim page is fairly straightforward, and features a cute little explanation of claim process in pictures. Reminds me of Ikea’s instructions, which are strictly pictures. At the beginning it always depicts your options if things are overwhelming:

A little guy looking at the instructions with a wavy mouth of concern. Is it confusing?

The same guy smiling on the phone, the phone with a little word bubble with an Ikea store inside. Don’t worry! Call us!

A guy trying to lift one side of a long horizontal object. Is it too heavy?

Two guys lifting the same horizontal object Don’t worry! Get a friend!

Pictures make it better.