Wednesday, May 25, 2011

getting along

Things are ramping up to an insane scream here. I have plans for the next four weekends, and even for someone who plans her menus two weeks in advance this seems like a lot of scheduling. It is mostly geographic: I have to be here for that event, there for that event. There is also an unusual amount of stuff that remains unplanned, and indeed is unplannable because of circumstances beyond my control. (For instance: Anthony’s graduation is the second week of June and we still don’t know how many members of his family will be in attendance -- the number seriously changes every time we talk to them.) Separate to this there are a lot of art-related loose ends back stage, most of which are not fixable until I hear from other people.

To prevent the top of my head from coming off I have been knitting like crazy in the evenings. I took this picture Sunday night and I'd say the sweater is now about four inches longer than what is pictured up there. I am secretly hoping tp finish by the end of this week but I think that’s a bit ambitious. It's nice that even my down time right now is productive, it makes me feel less like I'm being blown about by all this uncertainty and more like I'm in control of something, even if it's just this string.