Thursday, June 2, 2011


This is a really trippy cell-phone-picture-collage of what my garden plot looks like right now. I regret that I didn't take a "before" picture, becuase it was pretty grim. It was basically the inspiration for this:

Flow, interaction design, and contemporary boredom

It's hard for me to remember to build neat little narratives from things I see in real life sometimes, particularly when things get intense and action, not reflection, is the order of the day. It's the 400 yard dash to the deadline here at Chez Kumquat, but nobody told the garden manager. Yesterday there was an email sent to everyone to say: remember, June 1st is the deadline to have your plot worked and weeded and mulched. Community gardening is very popular here, particularly in my neighborhood where everyone is keen to make a go of it. There is at present something like a five year waiting period to get into the garden I'm in, and so they are really trying to crack down on those who don't really work their plots much. For the next few days (and indeed for the rest of the summer) they will be monitoring the plots closely for lack of activity. Those who are clearly not putting in their 3-4 hours a week to keep things maintained will be given a five day shape-up-or-ship-out warning. Then all will be chopped up and reassigned.

It seems severe but there are some serious jungles in some of the plots right now. (MUCH more so than what mine was.) And it has contributed to the increase of invasive weeds and pest buildup and other bad things.

We are no where near this category of slackers but when you can't remember the last time you worked in the plot (it'd been weeks, certainly) and you get an email like this is really turns your skin. But fate stepped in and canceled my afternoon house yesterday, so I spent the time I would have been there in my rain jacket and mud getting things tip-top. The result is very satisfying. Onions are finally separated out and ready to grow, all greens look gorgeous (in fact, need some harvesting,) blueberries are heavy and waiting for the sun. Compost worked into the soil. All we need now are seeds and starts and we are in business.